What is the difference between Basic & Slim Belts?
Both Basic & Slim are unisex belts with Basic having a height of 3.70 cm and Slim only 2.00 cm. With that in mind, the buckle sizes differ in both models.

How long are Tie-Ups Belts?
Total length of each of our belts 

Basic Belts - 125.00 cm

Slim Belts -   120.00 cm

Kids Belts -   120.00 cm

Tress Belts - 115.00 cm 

What is the maximum length usage after cutting the belt?

Basic Belts - 112.00 cm

Slim Belts -   108.00 cm

Kids Belts -   90.00 cm

Tress Belts - No limits since the tress model is an add on straps belt.

Can I interchange buckles between Basic & Slim Belts?
Unfortunately the sizes for both Basic & Slim are different so buckles will not fit!

Do you ship international?

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, but this only applies to orders $65.00 USD or AED 250.00

Do you offer custom printed belts?
Yes but for corporate and special events. Use the contact us page for such inquiries.

Are Tie-Ups Belts Nickel Free?
Yes as they are 100% Metal Free!

Is it true that Tie-Ups belts can be worn through airport security?
Definitely yes! Our Belts and Buckles contain absolutely no metal. Keep them on and fly through airport security with less hassle of removing your belt.  

Note that some airport checkpoints require belt removal regardless of material.