About Us

Tie-Ups wanted to revolutionize the concept of the classical leather belt and so it started from an intensive study of materials to find what would be good to its goal.

Design, lightness, strength, finishing these had to be the requirements of the new product tie-ups. All these features are constituted with polycarbonate for the buckle and the thermoplastic elastomeric for the belt.

Innovation & Technology

Tie-Ups originates from the traditional object “belt” mixed with innovative materials: the strap is in elastomeric thermoplastic and the buckle is in transparent polycarbonate. Technological materials for a high structural quality.

100% Italian Design

Tie-ups is a high-quality fashion accessory wholly conceived and produced in Italy. All the parts of Tie-ups, including the elegant pack, are thoroughly developed both on the design side and the manufacturing side and make the final product a luxury accessory.

Safe and resistant materials

First of all, construction materials used for Tie-ups are safe: the product is completely antibacterial and hypo-allergenic. It is resistant to torsion and traction, and is completely water-proof, all guarantees of a long duration.

An Eco-friendly product

Tie-ups is a 100% Eco-friendly product because it’s totally cruelty free. All of its components are totally recyclable.